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Note: The operating mode of the Alter Summit network was built gradually, based on the experience of the Joint Social Conference. This functioning aims to develop a network of organizations (not of individuals) in an inclusive manner, opened while maintaining the consistency of the network and its ability to take decisions and implement them. The common rules below were discussed in Firenze and agreed by the assembly on December 14th 2012


  • The main "added value" of the Alter Summit lies in its sought capacity to effectively influence and exert all its weight on the EU policies. We want to strengthen the people’s struggle against austerity and for genuine democracy. We want to create a power-balance and thence to focus our actions on a limited number of very urgent and effectively common political priorities ; but this does not prevent to keep open debates and discussions on a wider range of topics
  • The issue of gender equality is transverse across all the claims of Alter Summit : equality between men and women is one of our common values
  • Internationalism is part of the basic options of Alter Summit, in the sense that we give greater concern on solidarity between the peoples of Europe (and beyond) and reject the competition or opposition of peoples or states each against the other.

The Network:

  • The network "Alter Summit" brings together organizations and movements that decide to formally join the call, and that agree with the present rules. No individuals are members.
  • In addition to the members , other organizations may choose to stay observers, and support Alter Summit before expressing a full commitment.
  • A balance is sought between different types of organizations and movements, especially trade unions, social movements and networks of researchers and institutes.
  • Political parties may not be members - even if we actively seek the support of political personalities from various groups and dialogue with them - we ask them to share our struggle, but not to represent us
  • In the development of the network, we respect the desire to represent the thematic diversity (social, ecological, economic, ...) and the geographical diversity of social movements in Europe.
  • Network membership is not conditioned by a financial contribution. However, as it aims to remain as independent as possible and to enable the creation of a solidarity fund for organizations with limited resources.,this requires voluntary contributions. So far, the organizations members of the JSC have fed this fund based on a contributions of €1.000 / year for larger organizations, and less for others.
  • Each organization obviously may leave the network when they wish.

The call:

  • On March 30, 2012 a number of organizations, movements and researchers networks did support a call, together with many important European figures. (See , in 11 languages )
  • Other relatively similar calls were launched shortly before in other circles, or were introduced shortly after. Eight of these calls are listed on the home page of the site. The promoters of these calls did not find it urgent nor necessary to rewrite a "synthesis" of their texts, but did prefer to acknowledge their convergence de facto , trying to move forward together in action, and if necessary reformulate a new common call at a given point. The emergency appeared to dévelop the ability to decide and act together.


  • All member-organizations meet in an Assembly. The decisions are taken by consensus. Outside the main options, concrete actions can be effectively supported only by some organizations ("Menu").
  • A limited coordination committee is in charge of implementing the decisions of the meeting. To date, it is composed by one or two representatives per country (each national coordination follows the same sought balance – see point 6 – in its composition and representation) and one representative issued from a large network (feminists, environmentalists, anti-globalization, fighting poverty .. .)
  • The reports of meetings and committees decision constitute the basis of decisions that Member-organizations and new member fully accept - until further notice