The role of trade unions in the construction of the power balance

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Alter Summit’s workshop at the Blockupy Festival. Friday the 21th of November, from 2pm to 4.30 pm.
Haus der Jugend, Deutschherrnufer 12, Big room, Frankfurt, Germany.

Content of the workshop

The power balance is unfavourable for the demands of social movements. It is commonly agreed upon that this tendency has to be reversed. The question is particularly important for the trade union movement.

The workshop has as its objective to present the different aspects of the unions power balance and the internal or external limits to exercise it. We will also discuss possible actions to surpass these limits.

We propose 2 or 3 interventions (10 minutes each) that will highlight specific issues related to trade unions, in their organizational as well as their political aspects.

Examples : the adequacy of the messages/demands/alternatives/perspectives with the actual context ; the democracy in trade unions ; the alliance policy ; the union modes of struggle ; the trade union rights questioned.

We will discuss the findings and the emerged propositions. Finally, we will try to define together next steps to deepen this discussion.

For a successful workshop, it is important to have a numerous and representative participation of the trade union movement. That is why we propose you to widely share this call within your networks and we invite you to personally contact the people who may be interested in this workshop.

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