Education assembly

Title : Resistance to the destruction of public education - Defending next generation’s future

Facilitators : Themis Kotsifakis, Florian Lascroux

Questionnaire :

Program :

  • 5-10 min : presentation of the assembly, the objectives, the different parts
    Women from OLME (Greece)
  • 20-30 min : presentation of the situation of Education in Europe (thanks to the questionnaires)
    Manuela Mendonca - FENPROF (Portugal)
    Michal Mlcousek - ETUCE
  • 10-15 min : presentation of the manifesto, the different parts, the purpose ; presentation of the links between the manifesto and the problems in Education
    Marc Delepouve - FSU (France)
    15-20 min : short debate
  • 5-10 min : proposals of common actions in the next months, not only in Education, but inside Alter Summit process
    Gunter Quaisser - GEW (Germany)
    1H-1H15 : debate, conclusion

Please take into account that greek colleagues have asked for a new schedule : 3:00-5:30 pm.

The translation should be provided in EN / FR / GR.