Ecology and commons assemblies

Title : Defending the commons: A key (struggle) for change

Chairmen: Dimitra Spatharidou (Greek Organizing Committee) / Pablo Sanchez (EPSU)

The Commons Assembly plans to focus on the anti-privatization struggles across Europe, with special focus on countries under the troika like Greece. It will take as case study the successful stories of the European water movement in order to reinforce the notion of common goods in the social movements that are fighting against privatization in public services or for re-municipalisation.

At the first half of the Assembly, there will be a discussion and balance sheet of the construction of the European Water Movement, including the challenges and civil society responses in Europe (starting with the ECI on water: state of the campaign, further steps etc) as well as an update on the Greek water movements (privatization of EYATH and EYDAP, resistance) amongst others.


Tommaso Fattori, founding member of the Italian Forum of Water Movements

Speakers from Save Greek Water, SOSte to nero, 136 Initiative
Interventions from social movements against water privatization and anti-dam movements

Outcome: Possible common action for water as a public good and against its privatisation

On the second half, the Commons Assembly aims to broaden the commons discussion (with outreach to the health and education assemblies) and discuss the privatization process and ways to assist social movements on the struggles for democratic and participatory governance of shared common resources and public services.

Hilary Wainwright, Transnational Institute
Interventions on:
- Health and Education
- Agriculture
- Energy
- Climate

Title : Profiting from Nature: Environment Abuse, financialization and destruction
Saturday 8th - 9.30 AM to 12.30 AM
Facilitators: Kiriaki Klokiti (Greek Organizing Committee) …..

The ecology assembly ("Profiting from Nature: Environment Abuse, financialization and destruction") will focus on enviromental struggles in Europe and especially struggles against a certain type of "development", this new "ideology" of extractivism and big works which cause a lot of environmental and social damage and which face strong popular movements against.

In this assembly the discussion will open
1. a representative of Halkidiki’s movement (Greece) against gold mines,
2. Minhea Blidariu from the campain "save Rosia Montana", Romania, (gold mines)
3. Aurelie Trouvé (Attac France) about struggles against shale gas in France and against the airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes
4. Venere Anzaldi from comitati di Base COBAS about the no-TAV movement
5. Hannu Hyvonen from STOP Talvivaara campaign, Finland
6. Marisa Matias, researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, university of Coimbra (Portugal) on why environment is for sale? Alternatives to market model