Labour assembly

Title : Labour - Precarity - Unemployment: change the course of European policies on workers’ rights. Organizing workers struggles in Europe

With 2 coordinators

Program of the assembly:

1) Introduce the assembly giving a framework of attacks to labour rights at a European level [Apostolis Kapsals (scientific collaborator at the Labour Institute of GSEE)] (15’-20’ min)

2) Presentation of their own experience of a struggle by participants to assembly (5’ each one - 60’ min)

3) Debate: " struggles, the strategy and the tactics of them, not only to stop attacks on labor rights but to regain them. The needs of workers in a globalized world. Social and democratic breakthrough is the way to fight against global crisis from the perspective of working class" (45’ min)

4) Debate: "The continuation of Alter Summit: Proposals for convergences on strategies and aims" (45’ min)

5) Conclusions (10’- 15’ min)