Migration assembly

Title : Migrants, refugees, border controls, crisis and fortress Europe


7th of June from 2 pm till 4 pm.

Facilitators: Edda Pando (Arci) and Yanis Felekis (ODKE).

Reporting: Mikaël Franssens (Ciré) and …..
Contact: migration(at)altersummit.eu


As many others, we struggle for a world based on equality, liberty and democracy, where human rights and dignity are fully respected. It is therefore impossible for us to endorse current migration policy implemented by the EU and its Member States.

The EU and its Member States wage a war on migrants. Doing this they lead thousands of persons to death and many more to economic exploitation, desperation, exclusion, poverty and negation of their basic human rights.

Such policy is outrageous, unsustainable and intolerable. It is based on lies: that migrants, in particular the irregular ones, are a risk for Europe, that they should be repelled, that we can repel them, that we can do it in due respect for human rights or that those human rights do not apply to irregular migrants. We cannot accept any longer a policy resting on hypocrisy and dehumanization and leading to exclusion and inequality.

Current migration policy contradicts our values and aims. It is up to us to relate, to dare, to propose, to take initiatives. It is up to us to decide which migration policy we want and to unite to defend it.

The assembly will be an opportunity to exchange ideas on long-term and short-term common action for a more human, respectful and equalitarian migration policy. Intervention by speakers will be kept as short as possible so as to permit debate.

Program of the Assembly:

  • Short introduction: elements of context regarding migration policy and our ability to work on it.
  • Strengthen our unity in action  Discussion on concrete actions/campaigns for equality for migrants:
    • Presentation of Proposals
    • Discussion
  • Proposal for WGs
  • Conclusion