30 January: call to a general strike in the Basque Country

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In the Basque Country also, the mobilisation is important for decent pensions. But also for quality jobs and social rights in general.

The Social Rights Charta from Euskal Herria (Basque Country), which assembles a number of unions and social agents, among them ELA (member of Alter Summit), has called a general strike on 30 January 2020, to mark the end of an intense mobilisation schedule.

After two years of weekly rallies to denounce their critical situation, the Basque retired people suggested to step up the mobilisations in defence of decent pensions. The Social Rights Charta from Euskal Herria has accepted this challenge and has announced a series of mobilisations including the above mentioned general strike.

Besides the struggle for decent pensions, the general strike will focus on two more issues: the need of good jobs and the defence of social rights. All three issues -pensions, employment and social rights- are closely connected and in the coming months will be the core demands of the social actors that conform the Social Rights Charta.

Document of presentation of the strike (in Castilan)