Alter Summit call to support the Marches for Dignity in Spain

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On Saturday the 22nd of March, a huge demonstration will take place in Madrid as a culmination of the Marches of the Dignity, which over several weeks have walked across the Spanish geography in order to make visible the people’s rejection to the policies that local governments, under Troika’s dictate, have being implementing for several years to the vast majority of the population.

The main slogans of this mobilization are:

  • Pro social and labor rights: employment, housing and basic income for everyone.
  • In favor of democracy and against Troika’s policies.
  • No to austerity: against cuts in social spending and the repayment of illegitimate debt.

Alter Summit fully shares the objectives of this action and makes a call to perform, where possible, activities of support and solidarity.

Alter Summit also endorses the actions that will be carried out in other European cities such as Athens, Amsterdam and London on the same date against xenophobia and the rise of fascism, both direct consequence of the increase in inequality and poverty caused by the Troika’s and most of the current European governments´ neoliberal fundamentalism.

Read the Manifesto of the Marches for Dignity