Alter Summit’s Just Transition meeting

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On 21st of June 2017, 25 people coming from 10 European countries working and acting in trade unions, associations,NGOs and collectives gather for a one day encounter to discuss the difficulties the climate movement and the struggle for a just transition is facing. The purpose of the meeting was to debate those difficulties and build a space to overcome them and create confidence to favourish convergence.

We first discussed in small groups the reasons why we are experimenting difficulties, mainly between unionists and activits :
– missunderstanding (age, class, gender, culture)
– institutionnal differences (decision process, demands, way to work)
– mobilisation capacity and publics
– demands and discourses

After this moment, we had several presentations of campaigns : the ant-fracking coalition in Basque Country and different national climate jobs campaigns in France, UK and Portugal.

We had very rich exchanges, tackling issues such as energy and its ownership, transportation, territoriality (local impact), public services and private sector (privatisation), education and training, European Union (single market, public procurement) and corporate power.

In synthesis, we can say we have ideas, clear proposals, practices and discourses but also proposals for concrete policies ; we are also clear in the fact that our proposals have to tackle both the climate and the social crisis ; but the question remains how to make them real ? How to impose a real agenda for the transition ? This is the power issues, the question how to build the necessary balance of power to impose our views.

This last point make the issue of our organisation important. They are different platforms, groups, collectives discussing these topics : how better collaborate, converge and organise ? Which role could our network/space play ? How to involve more unions and unionists ?

We finally highlight the importance to act now !:
• Analysing ongoing struggles under a climate perspective, bringing ideas for widening ;
• Inviting people and organisations to join or launch climate jobs campaigns;
• Going to talk with the trade unionists at the base, in congresses, at working places, etc... and bring them to discuss with us, with other European unionists and activists...

For Alter Summit...
- > invite Alter Summit trade unions to join TUED
- > continue discussions within AS, elaborate proposals (principles?), be an actor (to do what?)
- > invite AS members to act locally (share tools) and join campaigns
- > invite participants to join the Just Transtion mailing list, and their organisations to join AS