Belgium: national demonstration for social security

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This Tuesday 28 January, the FGTB Confederation is mobilising to defend the social security of Belgians.

Excerpt from the FGTB leaflet

Social security is more threatened than ever. The last Belgian Government considerably reduced contributions, adopted laws made for a privileged few, created precarious statuses that weaken workers and contribute little or nothing to the financing of social security. A socially unjust and unacceptable policy... with serious consequences! Indeed, if nothing is done, in 2024, social security will have a hole of more than 6.4 billion!

Faced with the coordinated attacks on our social security system by employers and the political right, we must defend our social security model tooth and nail. The FGTB fights for a FEDERAL, STRONG and FAIRLY FINANCED social security system.

Our model must also evolve. This is why the FGTB intends to fight for new social rights and demands :

  • A minimum pension of 1.500€ net/month and a reduction of the legal pension age to 65;
  • Increase ALL social benefits above the poverty line;
  • Accessible and affordable health care;
  • A guaranteed income in case of job loss and for young people leaving school;
  • Socially fair financing of our social security system that puts capital and income to work.

Practical information
Tuesday 28 January, Brussels
Meeting at 10am in Brussels North (avenue Simon Bolivar and Albert II)
Bring your red umbrella as a protection symbol
More information (in French)