Declaration of the Alter Summit meeting

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On 30 November and 1 December, the Alter Summit Network met in Paris on the occasion of the mobilizations for climate justice. Bringing together over 50 representatives of European organizations*, this meeting provided the opportunity to discuss several topical issues (terrorist attacks and wars, climate, migration), to take stock of the network activities against the austerity policies of the European Union, as well as to make different proposals for activities over the coming months.

On the attacks in Paris

Alter Summit condemns the terrible attacks perpetrated by Daesh whose bloody practice is contrary to all projects of equality and freedom. Our Network expresses its solidarity to all the victims, their families, colleagues or friends. It considers that the wars and violence that have caused many deaths among the civilians here, in Africa, the Middle East or elsewhere, must be fought with the instruments of democracy, solidarity and the fight for rights of all.

The horror of the Paris attacks reminds us of the worst possible state of the world today: a world full of injustice and violence, where there is no bread, roof or employment for millions of people but where kalashnikovs are sold on street corners. A world in which our states are bombing "dictatorships" or governments elected to impose "democracy" while selling weapons to neighboring dictatorships. A world where states, having freed themselves from the constraints of "economic governance", suddenly find hundreds of millions of euros for wars or "security" - precisely those million euros they could not find for social security or security of employment.

In this context, the Alter Summit manifesto is more than ever a means for action and especially a tool to strengthen solidarity against stigmatization, discrimination and racism. We reaffirm here our support for the struggles of migrants, refugees, victims of poverty, climate change and war - for their right to move freely and to enjoy a dignified welcome respectful of their human rights.

The military and security spending announced these days expose the financial resources that exist despite the economic stability pact. These resources should be immediately used to relieve the peoples of Europe most affected by the crisis and memoranda but also to contribute to economic development in countries marked by poverty.

The will to contruct a lasting peace and the search for peaceful solutions to conflicts within the framework of the UN had been expressed in 2003 when the anti-globalization movement organized major demonstrations against the war in Iraq, bringing together people around the world. This founding act could have changed the course of the current situation if it had been taken into account.

The measures taken to restrict freedoms and repress social movements we are seeing today add to the democratic deficit which already affects many areas: imposition of anti-social policies, threats to the right to collective bargaining ... These policies and actions will only strengthen the currents and ideas of the extreme right.

Upcoming deadlines. The Alter Summit proposes:

  • to strengthen the solidarity movements towards migrants and massively join the activities of the world day of migrants on December 18 (see the appeal in the attachment);
  • to support and massively sign the appeal of Greek trade unionists for the restoration of collective bargaining in this country (text attached);
  • to work with communities engaged in the fight against the transatlantic treaty (TTIP / TAFTA) on the occasion of the EuroCities meeting to be held on 22 and 23 February in Brussels.
  • to participate in the European Day of the European Network against privatization of health services next April 7 to protest the commercialization of health and social security in progress all over Europe (an appeal will be sent shortly).

The Alter Summit Network also confirms its intention to work on climate justice and trade union issues in the months ahead and proposes to strengthen its capacity for communication and conduct campaigns at European level.

Moreover, Alter Summit works to implement a new initiative in the autumn of 2016 linking local and European mobilization as a follow-up on the EuroMarchas and the European action days that took place last October.

By then, the Network will be part of the initiatives for debate and actions together with the different social movements and trade unions to advance alternatives in Europe.

For information, contact

We propose a meeting of the Network Alter Summit on 21 and 22 February in Brussels.

* Presence

ADEDY (GR) – Alliance D19-20 (BE) - Alliance of Labour and Solidarity (CZ) – ATTAC-Deutschland - ATTAC-France – ATTAC-España (ES) – Blockupy (EU) - Campaign for the Welfare State (NO) – CG FGTB (BE) - CGT (FR) - Ciré (BE) – CIS (ES) – CISPM (EU) – CNE (BE) - EIHRC (EU) – EKA (GR) - EuroMarchas (ES) – Euromarches (FR) – Euromarches (AU) – FGTB Wallonne (BE) - Fondation Copernic (FR) - Intersindical Valenciana (ES) – LDH (FR) – Mouvement de la Paix (FR) - MOC (BE) - Nicos Poulantzas Institute (GR) – European Network against Health commercialization (EU) - Right2Water (IR) – SNES-FSU (FR) - Solidaires (FR) - Solidaires Finances Publiques (FR) – SUD PTT (FR) - SUD Santé Sociaux (FR) - TNI (EU) - Tranform (EU) – USO (ES)