EU-Turkey agreement: Call for action!

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Alter Summit calls its members to organise, support or join any demonstation or gathering opposing the UE-Turkey agreement in the « management » of the refugee crisis. Demonstations are already planned on 16th of March, eve of the EU Summit.

This sinister deal confirms the drive back of refugee candidates in counterpart of money and other « favors ». It’s illegal, unworthy and dangerous.

Besides the non-respect of the international law, this agreement is a step forward in the deshumanized vision of refugees, migrants or « illegals » in the migratory policies feeding the racism and xenophobia rise everywhere in Europe.

Moreover, it’s an agreement with a country where exercing fundamental rights, as freedom of expression, is everyday more difficult. A country who not hesitate to use military violence agaist part of its own population. The fact that EU want to sign such an agreement with Turkey, shows how little it cares of the respect of human rights in the choice of its policies.

Europe has to change ; EU and State member policies also !

In front of an entire youth without job perspective, the new coming migrants and the millions of unemployed and precarious people, Europe has to invest the billions of euros spent in walls, wars and banks in quality jobs, housing, health or transportation benefiting everybody, the climate and the environment.

In front of these historical challenges, if governments do not live up, citizens, movements and collectives are, and show it everyday in the ground of the struggles.

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