Our Health is Not for Sale!

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Since the beginning of the 2000s, austerity and the privatization of hospitals have slashed the number of available beds and taken them out of public hands.

- The number of hospital beds per capita has decreased in all EU countries;
- The share of beds managed by commercial establishments has increased in all European countries; today, more than 20% of hospital beds in Europe are in the hands of commercial actors.

As a result, health care costs have increased and are now borne by the sick, reinforcing a two-tier system. But more importantly, they have undermined the system’s ability to respond to a pandemic such as the coronavirus.

To get out of this austerity- and privatisation-made disaster, Alter Summit calls for:

  • An end to government austerity, which only benefits the private sector, and an end to privatizations;
  • An increase in resources for public healthcare – both human and financial;
  • Popular participation in defining healthcare needs and objectives.

Health is a universal common good, not the object of frenetic profiteering!

On World Health Day, April 7
- We are mobilizing to liberate healthcare from the profit motive;
- We support the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Right2Cure which demands a waiver for vaccine patents to allow the greatest number of people access to them. We call on everyone to sign: https://noprofitonpandemic.eu/ ;
- We will link this to our other struggles - adequate income, safe housing, quality employment, education, a healthy environment, etc. - as they are also critical for our health.


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