Statement of Alter Summit General Assembly on President D. Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

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Gathered in General Assembly on December 8th and 9th, the member-organizations of the Alter Summit network express their radical rejection of the logic of war and fait accompli chosen by the US President, D. Trump, about of the status of Jerusalem.

We support the Palestinians, the many Israeli workers and citizens who oppose Israeli government’s policy of colonization and escalation of violence; we support the legitimate Palestinian claim of a negotiated two-state solution viable with borders internationally guaranteed; we support the movements that fight colonization and support a real negociation.

We call our governments to

  • firmly and explicitly condemn President D Trump’s decision, and any move to impose Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel;
  • condemn the criminal actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinian population;
  • initiate any action allowing both parties to negotiate a durable peace and to respect the fundamental rights of the Palestinian population;
  • enforce the United Nations resolutions on colonization and the status of Jerusalem;
  • immediately recognize the Palestinian state.
    We call our sister-organizations to back these demands in their country and networks.

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