Struggle of undocumented workers at Chronopost

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At the Alter Summit meeting held in Paris on 4 and 5 October, the undocumented strikers of Chronopost came to present their struggle.

Employed by a subcontracting company, they are made invisible by the principal, La Poste, a company that is now 100% public. Their strike and camp in front of the company to be recognized as Chronopost workers and for their regularization, have been going on for 4 months. They denounced the particular exploitation of which they are victims: unrecognized night hours, unpaid overtime, very difficult working conditions... all these conditions being made possible by their situation as undocumented migrants.

The company is particularly cynical because it organizes itself to use these workers when they do not have the legal means to be regularized, by organizing a very important turnover. Their movement is part of a "all equal, no one is illegal" campaign in which trade unions and associations are involved. Demonstrations and other strikes have taken place. Their movement is the longest to date.
They can be encouraged and supported!

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