Support for the Saharawi people!

From Alter Summmit, we call on the UN, European Institutions and the government of Spain to stop the aggressions of the Kingdom of Marocco against the Saharawi people and their lands.

Days ago, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) denounced the incursion of the Moroccan army in Guerguerat, a border region with Mauritania, located in Sahrawi territory, deploying along the wall that separates the area in the illegally occupied strip, to act against the civilian population that had been protesting and claiming their territorial rights, assuming this was a breach of the ceasefire agreement, contained in the Military Agreement No. 1, signed by both Parties, with the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), in the years 1998-1998, as part of the 1991 Agreement Plan.

On November 13, the armed confrontations began and the subsequent Declaration, on the 14th, of the breaking of the ceasefire by the President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Brahim Gali, by not deposing the attitude of Morocco.

The Saharawi people have been enduring a situation of extreme injustice for too long:
• Their lands have been illegally occupied for 45 years, forcing a large part of their population into exile in the Tindouf refugee camps, suffering massacres such as that of Zemla or the disappearance of Basiri.
• Enduring 16 years of war, death and mutilation caused by the mines installed by Morocco in their territories or bombing with Napalm and white phosphorus (both illegal).
• Years of repression against legitimate protest, of human rights violations, of forced disappearances, of arrests and "farcical" trials of prisoners tortured in prison, or of observing the construction on their lands of a 2720 km wall.
• Years of seeing how the missions sent by the UN did nothing to carry out what had been agreed, and how any independent mission was boycotted by Morocco, as well as any act of solidarity organized in international forums by other organizations.
• Years of seeing how their resources continue to be exploited by the colonial state and companies of our countries, despite the fact that there are already up to two guilty verdicts in European courts in this regard. The phosphates of its mines, its agricultural or fishing products, are illegally exploited by Morocco and European companies, while their legitimate owners have to live on Solidarity.

We call on the European Union to intervene in the conflict, to help stop these aggressions, and to demand respect for the human and sovereign rights of the Saharawi people. We denounce that EU institutions have repeatedly ignore the judgments of EU Court of Justice by including Saharawi land and waters in trade and fisheries deals with Marocco, and in a very special way, the attitude of the governments of the Spanish State, as the administering power of the territory after decolonization, which has abandoned this people to its fate, and continues to do so, for the sake of other common interests with Morocco.

Adopted on 18th of November 2020