Suppport to Greek organizations celebrating the student uprising of 1973

Unions and associations’ representatives of all over Europe participating in the Alter Summit Conference denounce the violent and completely unjustified attack of the Greek police against gatherings of unions’ and other collectivities for the 47th anniversary of the students uprising against the dictatorship. The repression in 1973 leads to 24 deaths and a hundred of injured people (1967-1974).

Under the pretext of the measures against the spread of covid-19, the right-wing government of Greece proceeded to an unconstitutional ban on gatherings with an unprecedented and savage repression of those who tried to honor the uprising of the Polytechnic on the 17th of November 1973, despite the fact that the gathered people observed all the necessary measures for protection against the virus (masks, distances, etc.).

We strongly condemn the anti-democratic and authoritarian decision of the Greek government to ban for 3 days all gatherings of more than 4 people throughout the country a decision that does not fit into a democratic rule of law.
Workers and trade unions in Europe will not permit the use of the pandemic for the restriction of democracy and human rights. United, we will continue the struggle for labor and social justice.

Adopted on 18th of November 2020