The return of austerity in Europe? A call to action.

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European Union member states and the European Commission are once again talking about austerity - an austerity that has not disappeared in many countries. In this "debate", as Alter Summit we want to assert 3 points that we consider essential. We also support the EuroDemonstration in Brussels on December 12.

1. There’s enough for everyone!
The EU and its member states are and remain wealthy countries. They have by far the means to guarantee everyone living in the EU a dignified life and respect for all the rights guaranteed by the European Social Charter. And yet, poverty is on the increase everywhere. Wealth is there, it just needs to be distributed fairly. It is to be found among the very rich and in big business. Citing the "crisis" or lack of resources is a lie, and reveals a political choice.
Taxing financial transactions, large estates, multinational profits and very high incomes should make it possible to mobilize substantial sums to finance public services and genuine social policies..

2. Austerity is the problem, not the solution.
At a time of major social, ecological and political threats, Europe’s citizens and workers need high levels of public spending more than ever - provided it meets the needs of the greatest number. Experience has shown that austerity policies destroy jobs, undermine social rights, encourage privatization and commercialization, prevent ecological transition, and undermine confidence in democracy. Financial giants and big business are the only ones with a vested interest in reviving austerity. Their solutions are not only ineffective, they also feed the promoters of a fascist or authoritarian Europe.
The Budget Pact (TSCG) must be repealed, and obviously not relaunched.

3. Public spending - but not just any kind of spending!
A high level of public spending is a necessary condition for a dignified society, but not a sufficient one.
a. We want an overall increase in social spending: on health, statutory pensions, social housing, education, the fight against poverty, etc. All wages and social benefits must be adapted to the increase in the cost of living. All wages and social benefits must be adapted to the rising cost of living.
b. We do not want to increase military spending.
c. The massive ecological investment we need for a real, just transition must be the subject of democratic debate, based on the needs of the working class and working families. Widespread greenwashing and the capture of so-called ecological policies by big industry solve nothing, and discredit real ecological and social struggles.

In expressing our position, we support the Euro-demonstration against austerity to be held in Brussels on December 12.

We also support all actions and mobilizations carried out throughout Europe with the same demands!

Brussels, November 2023