War in Ukraine

As humanity faces its greatest challenge, global warming, which requires increased international collaboration, inter-state competition is in full swing. Against imperialist aggression and the policies of death of the powerful, the popular movement has the task to rebuild international solidarity for peace, ecological transition and social justice.

(image credit Staff Sgt. Jamal Sutter Via Wikimedia Commons. CC0 Public Domain)

Initiatives of member organizations

Support Ukrainian Trade Unions

Support the Trade union Convoy to Ukraine of Solidaires (France)

Support the Trade union Convoy to Ukraine of CGT (France)

Statement of Russian trade union KTR

Statement of the BKDP of Belarus

Statements of member organizations.

Statement of French trade unions (CGT, FSU, Solidaires)

Statement 1 of the French FSU union and Statement 2

Statement CGT (France)

Statement ATTAC Spain

Anti-war campaign ATTAC Deutschland

Statement ATTAC France

Transform! Peace Manifesto

Statement Galician Platform against NATO

Statement CSC (Belgium)

Statement FGTB (Belgium)

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