Program Rights4All Now!


Linked event: GRESEA international seminar on Transnational corporations, Wednesday November 24 in Brussels

Conference Venue: Rue Plétinckx 19


PLENARY – 25.11 – 10:00
Social and labour rights in a time of austerity and deregulation: Strengthening and connecting the struggles in Europe!

WORKSHOPS – 25.11 (14:00)-26.11 (9:30)

I. Struggles against climate change and austerity: could the ecological transition be the issue that unites us?
With: Campaign for the Welfare State, Corporate Europe Observatory, Transform.

II. Resistance 2.0: Digitalization and technology push production and economy into transition. Organizing responses for a new labour reality.
With: Centrale Générale FGTB, Global Social Justice, MayDay Initiative, Solidaires, Transform

III. Defend and promote commons and public services for all
With: Campaign for the Welfare State, CIGalicia, European Anti-Poverty Network, European Network against Health commercialization, Global Social Justice, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Transform

IV. Towards convergence of struggles, building bridges to unity!
With: ATTAC-Deutschland, Ciré asbl, Coalition Internationale des Sans-papiers, Migrants, Réfugiés et Demandeurs d’asile, Comité des Travailleurs.euses sans-papiers de la CSC, Global Social Justice, Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien, Precarios Inflexiveis, Change4All

CONCLUSIONS – 26.11 – 12:00-16:30
Building a common agenda!
Final speech by Riccardo Petrella


Translation: EN, FR, DE, ES
With the support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and ATTAC Deutschland